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Alan Gaillard Stoneware Glazes

Standard domestic pottery ware is currently available in four glaze designs:  Copper RedDolbrush, Doliron and Galway Hooker Green. 

Please note: Because of the type of firing, called “Reduction” firing, there may be some variation in glaze results and shades within each design and between firings, particularly with the famous Japanese Tenmoku. This natural variation is what makes reduction firing so appealing.

Alan-gaillard-irish-pottery-connemara-stoneware-large-jug-2lt-copper-redCopper red

Copper red is one of the most difficult glazes to perfect – this one took two years and ten test-firings! The copper glaze is thickly applied over the standard satin dolomite glaze. It most usually manifests as a raspberry red but can also produce turquoise blue patches and mottled red-blue speckle. Click on image to see more Copper Red.


Dolbrush design is an off-white satin dolomite based glaze with an iron and cobalt/manganese brushwork motif inspired by the flower Agapanthus which grows readily in Connemara and can be seen in the gardens at the studio. Click on image to see more Dolbrush.


Doliron design is the off-white dolomite glaze decorated with a dipped iron glaze over a brushwork ring of iron/manganese stain, giving a dark green top and variable iron run at the neck. Click on image to see more Doliron.

Alan-gaillard-irish-pottery-connemara-stoneware-mug-hooker rangeGalway Hooker Green

Galway Hooker Green glaze is a classic Japanese mid-celadon glossy green glaze decorated with a motif of the ancient Galway Hooker boat, the working boat of Connemara. These boats come in at least three sizes, the “Hooker” being the largest – it has three sails, almost always reddish brown in colour, on a blackish hull.  Click on image to see more Galway Hooker Green.

Limited Glazes – Three other designs are also available in limited stock and to order.

Alan-gaillard-irish-pottery-connemara-stoneware-cobalt-rangeCobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue is a reliable and well known, usually glossy, glaze and its popularity continues. A small stock is usually held and is always available to order


AWG is a glossy greyish-white glaze with a tenmoku underglaze giving a unique broken mottled dark grey/black


Tenmoku is probably the best known classic Japanese glaze of glossy black iron breaking to reddish rust brown at the edges, rims and handles. It can be variable in different parts of the kiln because of small differences in reduction atmosphere and temperature. Small stock usually available and to order.